Marigold Crown July 2012

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Beautiful Battle volunteers, with pupils from Battle & Langton Primary School and Asten Fields Pre-School, created a Marigold Crown on the Abbey Green to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the coming of the Olympic Flame to Battle. Students from Battle & Langton’s Gardening Club and Asten Fields Pre-School have spent the last few months growing on small marigold plug plants which they brought to the Abbey Green on Monday 12th July 2012.  The children and their parents braved the torrential rain and wind to lay their marigolds in the form of the Queen’s Coronation Crown.  Formed from 600 yellow marigolds and 300 gold marigolds, the Floral Crown provides a vibrant splash of colour to complement the Olympic scarecrows, the Battle Olympic torch and the Battle flags.
On Friday 20th July 2012, BB volunteers, with assistance from students from Claverham Community College, moved the marigold crown to the forefront of Battle Abbey, to make way for the forthcoming Farmer's Market on the Abbey Green.  
On 25th July 2012, the Queen completed her Diamond Jubilee celebrations so Beautiful Battle moved all the marigolds with the help of BTC to the new Acorn Bed.
The following slides show the creation of marigold crown on the Abbey Green, moving the crown to the front of the Abbey and then to their final destination in the Acorn Bed. 
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